Local 9423
Fighting for Workers' Rights in Hancock County
Grievance Committee
USW Local 9423 Grievance Committee Members

Maintenance Grievance Committeemen  Mick Wilborn
Craig Wheatley                           Tim Pruden
Alison Sumner                            Richard Boling
Ralph Spier                                 Joe McCubbins
Steven Petri

Casthouse Grievance Committeemen Steve Cheek

Steve Veach
Gary Young

Potlines Grievance Committeemen Jake Sapp
Doug Payne
Shannon Morton

Cell Relining Grievance Committeemen Joey Benningfield
Theresa Sanders

Electrode Grievance Committeemen
Gene Nabours
Don Patton
Cheryl Husk
Thomas Ilsley

We have started a new database to collect grievances and sub contracting notification it is a Google Drive Account, when you complete and sign off on a sub-contracting notification or a grievance and get a grievance number from HR  I would  like all stewards and committeeman to scan and email all of their grievances in and any other notes or documents and answers from the company that you may have that are pertinent to the case to this email address;  usw9423.database@gmail.com    You can still do everything else the same that you do today you just won't have to get the hard copies to the Union Hall anymore, what this will do is keep us from having to keep up with a book at the hall. Any information scanned in and emailed to this account can be retrieved by any committeeman. I think this will be a better system and will help us reduce the amount of paper storage we have, it will also make it easier to track and locate notifications, grievances and answers. Kevin Howard will be the administrator of this account and will transfer and sort all the emails and enter them into the database, there will be a user name and password set up at a later date so committeeman can login and find things they need quickly in the data base.

The database email address is:                    usw9423.database@gmail.com

Make sure on the subject line of
your email you name and date your
grievance or notification. For example
you would name a grievance:                      15-22-MA  07-27-15

A sub-contacting notification would be:      6-23-15  047 Bag house 


                                                                       6-19-15  Flu wall demo   

Third Step Grievance Meeting

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